Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuna Shepherd's Pie and thoughts on papaya

i finally "left" the house...for the grocery store. at least they were restocked! bought some basic veggies and ended up with a super easy tuna shepherd's pie. thew in a bunch of veggies with tuna and tomato sauce and cooked that up while my potatoes boiled. then layered it into a dish and topped with cheddar cheese and wha-la! yumminess. although i need to get rid of my fear of salt and just have at it. not that sprinkling after the fact wasn't just as tasty.this is a shot of the food in the afternoon light as i was spreading the mashed potatoes over the veggies. pretty isn't it!onto the next order of business. i've never bought a papaya before but i was feeling random at lotte so picked one up. i treated it like mango, the mushier the better. the seeds reminded me of caviar, or nemo's brother's and sister's...which i suppose is the same thing. so basically ugh. the fruit is interesting. definitely an acquired taste, but it's so good for you i had to get the fam to eat it! so i blended it with some plain yogurt, peach and a dollop of honey and it was tasty! i spent about an hour smushing the seeds to dry them b/c i figure i can use them for something. i'll check back with you once i figure out what that something is...

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Sheila♥ said...

looks yummy but tuna makes me gag =/

and I don't thin papaya doesn't have a's just a weird mushy fruit to me