Friday, February 5, 2010

Eggless Apple Walnut drops

clearly no class, no work and snow= baking cooking overload! not that my fam seems to mind. i would have simply made cookies with egg if i didn't know that the silly yellow, still greenish bananas weren't desperately waiting to become banana bread, so the few eggs left in the fridge will be for that (and i am in no way shape or form going to drive in the snow to get some eggs, this just means using the wonderful internet to find fun recipes)

this recipe is based off of Recipezaar 58919 which was for eggless chocolate chip cookies. but since i already baked something with chocolate chips i decided to try something else. i also used applesauce instead of butter (b/c i have no butter and i don't want to deal with butter) i'm not sure how long this "i don't want to use oil or butter" thing is going to last, but i do know i love me some real sweets, so in reality when i buy baked goods i will go towards anything that looks like it swum in butter (and still looks appetizing).

as for the recipe, i forgot to take out the vanilla extract and replace it with cinnamon, so the cookies i ended up with are a bit too on the sweet side. i also replaced the granulated sugar with less brown sugar and the flour with a combination of instant oats and whole wheat flour. the result- a bready kind of cookie/muffin thing. tasty but not a cookie. i need me some butter...
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