Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ripening bananas and baking woes

it's a winter wonderland and apparently it's going to get even snowier this weekend!

i've wanted to bake and that hasn't been easy with this kitchen mess. i finally thought i would be able to bake since the contractors weren't coming around so i bought super cheap bananas from bj's to make some banana walnut bread. the only problem- when i bought them they were green- like green green. green eggs and ham kind of green. and for some reason there are absolutely no brown paper bags in my house to ripen them faster. now, i could've gone out to get some brown paper bags but that would be too simple. instead i have my bananas housed in a large quaker oatmeal box next to a heat vent to somehow create a nice and warm environment so the fruit can decompose or whatever so i can bake!

24 hours after placing them inside of the box
48 hours later

i don't know about you but my banana still looks pretty's to hoping i get to make banana walnut bread in the near future.

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