Tuesday, February 16, 2010

something new and baked chips!

yan yan is a childhood treat s4 and i love and for valentine's day we shared one. the treat is a shortbread kind of stick that is dipped in chocolate. when we opened our package there was a wonderful surprise of silly animals with "factoids." our favorite was "seal-loves to sun tan"

lots of baby red potatoes sitting in our house so i baked them with old bay and olive oil and wha-la, a healthier potato chip. although that led to greater eating than what i would probably do with a bag of chips...i guess you win some and you lose some:)


suji said...

i wanna make more cake pops...i think i'm going to make lots...do you wanna sell them?? lol

Anonymous said...

i thought they were cake bites, not cake pops... i know lots of people who would buy them. and the potatoes look yummy...