Sunday, April 10, 2011

pillsbury bakeoff adventures

the pillsbury bakeoff adventures should also be known as- this is when you invest in a fire extinguisher challenge. it's been a lot of fun, but also quite scary but i don't know if you can win the million dollar prize by setting fire to your dessert (unless of course it's intentional)
first experiment was pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough wrapped around their brownie mix. it looks really cute and yummy pre-baking (kind of those delicious thumbdrop cookie things) but then it bakes, spreads and then you get funny butt cookies. if my dad is any indication, they were delicious (he ate all 5!) but not quite what i was looking for...
not that this is what i was hoping for either. i didn't use up all the cookie dough or brownie mix for the cookies so i tested out making a cake. i first baked the bottom layer of brownie for a bit, then flattened discs of cookie dough and layered it on top of the brownie and baked that. then topped with mini marshmallows and tried out the broiling button for the first time. apparently broiling on high on the top shelf for 10 seconds results in a fiery flaming dessert...i smelled the fire and when i opened the oven door flames were licking out of the top and all that came to mind was "they taught us to never put water on burning oil" which of course was completely useless in this situation. so i tried to treat it like an overlarge marshmallow i set on fire when making s'mores and tried blowing it out. which thankfully worked and i and the kitchen are all in one piece. can't say the same for the dessert which probably would have been gorgeous with some toasted marshmallow on top, but we can't have everything. :D
but, scrapping off the burnt part of marshmallow did lead to this pretty cake, which is pretty tasty (the brownie and cookie dough weren't completely cooked in the center, but ooey gooey goodness is much less life threatening than flaming marshmallows). i don't know if it was because of setting them on fire, but the marshmallows had a rather artificial not so tasty flavor to them so i peeled it off (it also becomes rather difficult to cut, so nix the marshmallows in general)