Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on a mission

i'm on a mission to find a place in HoCo where i can study. somewhere that isn't too crowded (so they won't mind me spreading out on a nice big table all day long), that's open late, and of course has good food. tuesday i was planning on going to nora cafe but when i drove up around lunchtime it was packed. and i mean packed. so then i checked out fresco cafe (i think that's what it's called) by the walmart off of 40 but they close at 3 i ended up at the pottery stop on 40 which closes at 9. unfortunately, they don't have food food, but by then i just needed to study. i got their peppermint blended coffee drink (sugary goodness) and then tried their chai tea latte (not good at all, had to toss it out). tomorrow's options:
- forest diner (8pm, and who doesn't like breakfast food all day? and of course endless coffee is always a perk, AND it closes in 3-4 years)
- panera (creamy tomato with asiago cheese bagel. plus, people are always hanging out there foreverrrr, but it's a chain restaurant and i'd rather help out the little guy and try out a new place)
- riverside coffee (i've heard good things!)
- dunkin donuts (it's open 24/7, what else can i say)
- bob evans (10 pm, again, it's a chain...)
- charter deli (7pm, i used to study here back when i went to HCC)
- deli town (8:30pm, don't know anything about this place...)

biochem is kicking my butt, so with all this studying i'm sure i'll cross a lot of these off my list...