Wednesday, February 15, 2012

that quaker guy

quick and dirty post before i'm very very late for school. here's my staple bfast these days (until it gets warm enough to transition to yogurt!)- the unsweetened applesauce i think is what makes this really yummy. and one day i'll get around to toasting some walnuts and throwing it in. got in cardio everyday this week but my goal is to get in some strength training to really build up my leg muscles. signed up for milltown 5k for april!

Friday, February 10, 2012

race training

it's 14 days until fitness expo and a little over 3 months until the cleveland half. a fellow dietetics student and i just finished a spread for the student health magazine (it looks awesome, i'll link it when it goes up!) and we focused on eating properly to make sure you can reach your fitness goals and also to fuel it and make sure it runs to perfection.
i love breakfast. i never understand how people's stomach don't grumble in the mornings or they even manage to concentrate when they have glass of juice or coffee for breakfast. not me! give me a full on breakfast and i'm a happy camper:) bfast these days has been oatmeal in soymilk with some fruit (throw some frozen blueberries in after you cook the oatmeal with some nuts!) or yogurt w/ some crunchy cereal and a banana. but today i managed to wake up earlier (and be motivated) to cook an egg (it's extraordinary how accomplished i feel). i toasted a slice of 100% whole wheat toast and topped it with sauteed kale (w/o oil with some cumin and black pepper) and then an egg sunny side up (black pepper). the runny yolk flavors everything to goodness. and now that i have to run off for school i'm grabbing a banana for the road.

happy friday everyone! i'll try an update some more on training and food