Saturday, October 2, 2010

oops moment and macadamia flour

this past sunday s3 and i ran the bachman valley half marathon which is hosted by the WRRC. it's almost an hour drive to get there so i put on some flip flops so i wouldn't be wearing my sneakers on the drive up. as i stood in line to pick up my race number i realized that i hadn't put my sneakers in the car! thankfully, s2 wasn't running and she had on an old pair of her running shoes and we're the same size. so wha-la, i had socks in my bag and a pair of holey sneakers to run the race (too bad my lovely new inserts i had bought during training were now sitting in my sneakers at home). despite forgetting my shoes, rain right at the beginning of the race, it was a lovely course and well organized and i got a new PR (2:01:46)! Almost under 2 hours, the last couple miles a huge blister was forming on the bottom of my foot and i was just trying to push myself to get under 2 hours. next time. but i highly recommend the race!

had a bit of experimentation with macadamia flour from ecuador. i wish i had a picture but unfortunately my own computer is on the fritz so i'm pictureless. tried baking shortbread cookies and substituted half the white flour with macadamia flour. i wish i had nicer butter (or maybe it was the combination of the butter and the natural butteriness of the macadamia) and the texture was a bit too crumbly for my liking. i think the macadamia flour would be great for a good buttery crust.

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