Wednesday, October 20, 2010

s3's birthday

it's technically not s3's birthday until tomorrow but we celebrated a bit early. i forgot my camera for dinner but we went to zaytinya's (in d.c.) for dinner. the food is very good and the pita bread they have out for noshing is even more dangerous:D we can't celebrate a birthday without cake! made chocolate matcha bundt cake for her birthday.
the swirls came out really pretty as i filled the bundt pan (note to self, the bundt pan needs serious greasing and cocoa powdering)

the cake is delicious and bakerella is right, it tastes so much better warm. i just wish i had a kitchenaid to get the mix nice and mixed because i felt mine was still a little lumpy with hand mixing. plus, i think bakerella's texture looks much more fluffy and mine def came out dense. dense but tasty!

i love fall and probably because it means i can bake to my hearts content AND heat the house. these are a brownie mix with some canned pumpkin tossed in. i attempted to make spider webbing designs on the top but forgot that the pumpkin would sink into the brownie and that the brownie would rise and make the spider webs look funny. but as usual, they were eaten

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