Thursday, March 20, 2008

Museums, Westminster, Canary Wharf

yesterday was freezinggg....winter jacket, hat and gloves definitely would have been useful. crazy english weather. my shoes are worn through, but i've probably walked around london more than i've walked in the past two years at school. so sad. o yea more likes:

6. fish and chips with tartar sauce. i think cod fish tastes the best of the three i've tried (i also tried plaice and mimi's, but i can't remember what kind she got)
7. the walkability of this city (even if i can't feel my feet anymore)

anyway, onto wednesday's travels.
i walked south west to Trafalgar Square to first go to the National Gallery of Art and the National Portrait Gallery. the national gallery had that seurat guy with the pointilism and there was a person there sketching the picture! it's more fun to go to the gallery to watch other people draw the paintings. anyway, weekdays for museums are chaos b/c there's thousands of little kids in uniform wearing bright neon vests running throughout. i also got to see the renaissance painting where in the foreground there's that skull all out of perspective, but if u look at the picture from the right it's normal. so cool.
National Portrait was also cool. didn't go inside the vanity fair special exhibit (gah, on 10 pound entrance fee for special exhibits) then i got uber hungry and wala! a pret across the street from the portrait gallery. i got the brie, tomato and basil sandwich. simple and good.

then i headed further south to Westminter. Westminster Abbey, isn't it pretty? on the right is Westminster Hall and the Houses of Parliament from the Westminster Bridge. Once i got onto bankside i walked along the Thames. so pretty, but really really cold. i stopped by the Oxo building again and went inside their gallery on the first floor. they had a really cool exhibit by landscape photographer David Noton. i really wanted a picture of his, but they were uber expensive. then i went to Tate Modern which is inside an old factory. don't understand modern art, but it was funny b/c i ran into 2 girls from cp. wat a small world.

anyway, took the DLR again to have dinner with mimi and 2 of her flatmates. the food was ok, and we took funny pictures (canary wharf is full of business people and corporate stuff, so i looked very out of place). then mimi and i met up with anna and went to a cute pub in covent garden. i was so sleepy, i think i slept about 9 hours...only 2 more full days!

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