Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The City and Greenwich (Tuesday)

so, still not very good at moving these images around on blogger, so out of order a bit (the weather was freezingggggggg)

tower of london (The City) the tower bridge (aka london bridge is behind this big complex)

Greenwich Park, the Queens House

the very steep hill up to the Royal Observatory (Greenwich Park) huffing and puffing

it's the Meridian!!! (look i'm standing by new york and washington!)

St. Paul's Cathedral (The City)- i snuck the picture. if u look all the way up, that's how high i had to walk!)

St. Paul's Cathedral, The City- the signs at every level telling you how many steps to each gallery, the stairs were the uber skinny winding stairs for 530 stairs....so frightening

St. Paul's Cathedral, cool architecture in the stairwell

St. Paul's Cathedral- the view from the top gallery

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