Monday, March 17, 2008

likes and dislikes and day 3 in london

i'm compiling a list of things i like and dislike about london and this is wat i have so far

1. waitrose- it's like an upscale safeway
2. all the cafes
3. being able to walk everywhere in central
4. british accent
5. windy cobblestone streets- feels so historic, and fun little alleyways to explore

1. separate hot and cold taps in sinks- i have to cup my hands together and go from really cold to really hot or vice versa
2. the fact that street names are on buildings instead of on posts, so inevitably i look like a tourist b/c i look up or spin around in circles searching for the name
3. windy cobblestone streets- see #2 in dislike list, the names of the street are even harder to find and there really is no straight

today was playdate with kim. i walked down to kensington where she was staying and it only took about an hour and 15 minutes. my feet are feeling this walking, or my shoes will no longer have soles. anyhoo, kim and i then walked back east and went to the natural history museum (meh, it was ok, we got a little bored) and then the Victoria & Albert Museum next door (cool stuff, the cafe was awesome and the sun came out while we were there so we ran outside) i love sunny days. then we decided to brave Harrod's and Harvey Nichols. Harrod's was much more daunting b/c of the doorman but their food court was amazing. the chocolate section was so cool. so many different kinds of treats!

we walked out of kensington into the city, and went to Hamleys (a toy store founded in the 1700s). i think it had 4 floors and such cool toys. lots of fun. they had a bunch of harry potter replicas which kim and i had loads of fun with. they had a chess set for 250 pounds (o yea, at Chocolat Chocolat, a chocolate store, they're selling a chocolate egg for 150 pounds) then we continued walking along Regent's St to look at all the stores (at least 50% were american stores) so not worth it, but Hamley's was a bunch of fun. we walked into Bloomsbury where we finally rested at The Pancake Cafe (eum, i got the apple, cinnamon sweet pancake/crepe (not that great) and kim got the banana and nutella sweet pancake (yummy yummy).

we sat around and realized that the british museum was already closed so we decided to head straight for King's Cross and to look for Platform 9 and 3/4. we got to the station, and the fodor's book only said that the actually filming happened on between platforms 4 and 5, so we walked down but didn't find anything. kim and i thought it would be really weird to ask someone where Platform 9 and 3/4 was (hello, they're muggles and don't know about wizards...) so we decided to look around and find it ourselves (harry was just lucky to hear the weaslys). so we checked out platforms 9-11 (in a separate area from 1-8) and right off to the side and kind of in the dark all by itself was the placard and the half trolley in the brick wall. it felt so anti-climatic that we just started laughing and almost pee-ed our pants (haha mimi, tmi).

overall a wonderful day, very cold but at least no rain:) hopefully tomorrow will be nice and dry!


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