Thursday, March 20, 2008

British all the way

probably one of the highlights of my trip was the British Library. (it's the building with the read sign on it) haha. how dorky does that make me what makes it so awesome is their special collections exhibit. they have the Magna Carta!!! plus, a journal of Leonardo DaVinci, writings by Galileo, Lewis Carroll (who i found out today was actually a Reverend, and his name was nothing like "Lewis Carroll," i just can't remember what it actually was), Mozart, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, old atlases, plus lots old religious texts (Buddhist, Zorastriast, Christian, Islamic, etc.) pretty amazing. plus, they this cool computer program. they downloaded lots of their old texts (e.g. Leonardo's journal) and you can turn the pages of the journal by sliding your finger from one page to another (so much fun!!!). it was so amazing being able to look at each document and think to myself, "they wrote that a gazillion years ago (they had the oldest known writing of beowulf) and i'm standing inches away from it" i got chills. so amazing
also, they had headphones set up where you could listen to readings of different stuff (e.g. Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility), or listen to musical compositions that they had in the composer's hand, or stuff like The Beatles. really really cool. the building was all architectural and had the Royal Library built in the middle up the whole building.
so this is an up close zoom in of the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum (which is right around the corner from mimi's flat). now if i only could read all the other languages on the slab i could translate hierglyphics...darn.
isn't this picture amazing! i took it in the Court Yard of the British Museum. i think the brochure said something about the court yard being the largest enclosed open space in London or something cool like that. the lion weighs 7tons and sat atop a temple of some sort in Turkey. the British Museum was insanely huge. it was overwhelming to look at it all, so i gave up after a while. but really cool stuff.

but yea, British Library, one of the coolest places in the world! i love it, so i recommend it for any dorky person!

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