Saturday, April 7, 2012

quarter of a century

"quarter of a century" just makes me think of that kellis song. which i think is titled the same. but, other than getting off track, it was my birthday at the end of march and lucy, the wonderful girl, surprised me w/ this banana, strawberry layered cream cheese frosting tower of beauty. man was it good. and it's such a cute idea to stack an "individual" cake! although transporting and such is always fun...
cutting straight down and we almost had a falling tower of cake!
also survived my first real wedding cakebite order. haha, clearly this is not what they looked like, but this was our white chocolate poo pile which was just calling for some very artistic sculpturing.
the whole kitchen and family was taken over by cakebites. and they did an awesome job! i'll try and update the other blog w/ tips and tricks.

happy april (what happened to my nice weather?)

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lucy said...

dang girl, i still don't get how your bites are so perfect, secret?