Tuesday, April 24, 2012

pb lovin

surprising our boss for an early birthday celebration tomorrow and i claimed baking a dessert of some sort! usually birthday means cake or cupcakes, but transporting either one of those around campus is not happening- so cookies it is! these are oatmeal peanut butter sandwich cookies from joy the baker. her post makes me laugh and the cookies are phenomenal. soft and chewy with a wonderful nutmeg and pecan flavor and of course the creamy peanut butter filling. you can't go wrong with pb!
joy mentioned she didn't get a picture of the cookies next to a coin to show the size of them, so here you go! i baked my batches for 8 minutes (i love soft cookies)
and don't be stingy with the filling. i went back and refilled these suckers so each cookie got a wonderful creamy inside (post taking the first picture of the sandwich cookies all complete in the green bowl). happy eating! and look forward to some more nommy posts (i'm procrastinating on the studying) this week! it's going to involve these adorable suckers.

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