Tuesday, April 17, 2012

key lime pieeeeee

it's hot again. and i love it. and it makes me want cold refreshing things. that, and lay out in the sun in a hammock. and since i don't have one of those, it's baking time instead:)
i've never had key lime pie before and i've always wanted to try it. there's something about the neon green color (which is completely unnatural, i guess people think lime= green) and the meringue on top is just the wrong texture for me to want to eat. but one of my wonderful volunteers at the museum (thanks bill!) is a key lime connoisseur and has actually eaten it in florida and he said the next best thing was this stuff by Nellie & Joe. i found it at the giant and followed the recipe for their Nellie' and Joe's Key Lime Pie (although the other ones sounded mighty tasty).
it's about one of the easiest things to make and calls for basic ingredients. i also wanted some crunch and eye fun, so i toasted unsweetened coconut and sprinkled it on top. look, even the biscotti guy is digging the pie:) it's tart and sweet goodness. happy eating and happy tuesday!


lucy said...

i always get excited when i see these plates make an appearance online? :D yum yum

s5 said...

haha, we need to bake something together and use all the plates!