Saturday, June 26, 2010


i think i may have a winner. that or the thrill of making a healthy cupcake has completely left me:) this is a carrot cupcake with a greek yogurt based frosting. i made slight changes to this carrot cupcake recipe and used this frosting recipe.
it was a whirlwind afternoon. i searched at work for a recipe and then raced home to get started on this thing. i divided the recipe in half so i would only have to figure out how to get rid of 6 cupcakes instead of 12 (thank gosh for google and it's online calculator). i took out the oil and put in greek yogurt instead (i think it took away a lot of the potential moist/fluff factor) but the cupcake is overall good. oh, and i also decreased the sugar amount b/c i'm using regular mott's applesauce and that has sugar added into it. i only had baby carrots in the house, let me tell you, trying to grate those little suckers on the shredder do-dad is dangerous business. and i have two band-aids on my fingers now to prove it. i think they came out pretty nice looking, but i think i will try to chop up the carrots some more so they aren't so noticeable.

as for the frosting, i didn't have any powdered sugar so i took some granulated sugar and pounded it w/ a wooden pestle (or is it the mortar part, whichever part you smash things with). so that was more interesting times. then threw in a spoonful of yogurt and a dash of vanilla extract (i was only trying to ice one since no one in my family digs the greek yogurt). the frosting is a bit runny and tart, not quite the "cream cheese" frosting that usually shows up on top of carrot cake/cupcakes. and just to make my picture look cuter i threw a blueberry on top. i will have to fiddle with the frosting, any suggestions?


gracee said...

oo looks yummy! i have SO MANY CARROTS please take some; i have a grinder, too, somewhere, if you'd like to borrow.

mm, for frosting... less yogurt? i found the last time i made orange frosting that just an extra drop of OJ made it much much more runny.

drifter said...

haha. i don't think i want to look at another carrot for a while. although a grinder sounds really nice:)

yeah, frosting would be so tasty with some cream cheese...