Friday, June 18, 2010

not studying for orgo= baking!!!

wow, it's been a very dessert productive morning and i have to thank organic chemistry for such good times. have my first exam on monday and to avoid at all costs looking at compounds i went a little overboard on the baking.first up: a little experiment, cola cupcakes. this is about the easiest and cheapest thing to ever make. just a box of chocolate cake mix with a 12 oz. can of diet cola. although trying to find a 12 oz. can made this not so easy. stopped by the grocery store, only 12 oz. and their soda machine was broken, at cvs they only also sold the 20 oz, so i just caved and bought the darn bottle. who wants 8 oz of diet coke:)

2nd one up is peanut butter cookies straight from simply recipes. also very easy and they come out so pretty! although it was a bit difficult to press the cookie w/ the fork and get the dough to let go of the tines. i ended up mushing a couple. i also need to figure out how to make the cross marks deeper. anyone know why pb cookies get the cross hatches? i baked them at the higher temp for shorter and they still seem soft in the middle but it has that great brown crisp outside. they have a nice crispy texture, although i may have to try the softer chewier cookie next time. my first ever cookie stacks!
and last but not least reese's peanut butter chip cookies (recipe from the bag). these have sooo much sugar and butter in them, but hey, they're cookies, live a little. for the last batch i had i threw in some chopped minature reese's cups.* just tasted these. way too sugary for my liking, however, when i tried the one w/ the minature reese's cup it was much better, mebbe the mini gives it some extra salt flavor. but these are def a can't finish a whole cookie kind of recipe. will need to fiddle w/ the proportions next time, that or just take a regular chocolate cookie recipe and throw in some reese's cups.

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