Sunday, June 6, 2010

return of the cakebites (and me)

i know i know! it's been forever since i've posted anything up here, but aren't you glad i saved something beautiful to share??? it was my "lil sis's" grad party so made her some lavendar and white cake bites. the circular ones were funfetti cake and the square ones were oreo with a piece of cookies and cream candy inside! i thought that making something that didn't require using the oven (minus baking the funfetti cake) would make this less of a sweaty job in almost 90 degree weather but i was wrong. without a/c, i was sweating up a storm just crushing the oreo cookies! but i persevered! but i have to say the heat does not like forming pretty cake bites. especially the round ones, i shaped them once and then let them hang out in the fridge overnight and then re-rolled them so they would be smooth. but the lavendar color is gorgeous and the yellow bow (look how pretty i made it!) pops so nicely against it. i'm just glad i finished making them, this is definitely at least a two person adventure. so who's with me next:)
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lucee said...

me me me! i'm with you!

lol, miss you <3