Thursday, January 29, 2009

lunch something

i've been doing very poorly with the updation. this was her meal a couple days ago...
main: cheese sandwich of some sort

sides: leftover salad from cheesecake factory (which tastes very healthy...), sliced melon and crackers

tomorrow is the last lunch i make! i'll have to make it a good one. but yea, leaving tomorrow for ny then flying out on saturday to india. packing was unbearable, but i managed to fit everything into one big camper's backpack and a smaller backpack. and there's even toilet paper! so my bodily functions notwithstanding, excited for india but also nervous about what i will be living in for 3.5 months


Im Excited..... said...

No dont leave me!!!!!!!!! i NEED your daily postings... well at least you have enough toilet paper to last you a while. And I dont know why It not letting you comment on my blog ill try to figure it out

Mimi said...

i will really miss your posting while you are gone!! update when you can!!