Wednesday, January 7, 2009

lunch 7 and vaccine fun

main: broccoli and cheese pierogies (store bought, if only i were that talented) with sauteed green peppers and red onions w/ tomato sauce
sides: homemade apple sauce (w/ fuji, no sugar, just a little bit of lemon juice and cinnamon), banana, and veggies w/ hummus

on a side note, went to passport health and got vaccinated for life. 4 shots (dpt, typhoid, hep a, and polio) plus malaria pills = $610. i guess if i have to put it in perspective, it's better than dying in india. i hate shots. although maybe getting a tattoo also put 4 shots in perspective. not as painful as i remembered, but i wish they had cute band-aids like at the pediatrician. the video u have to watch is pretty amusing, it's one notch above a driver's ed video.


natalie said...

I love the comment about the video being one notch above the drivers ed video. What a memorable little movie. LOL.

Mimi said...

LOL i guess it's better than dying in india.

=_= soo. oy. the things you say.

lucee said...

wait, when'd you get a tat?