Friday, January 23, 2009

lunch 19 and banana muffins

only so many more meals to go
main: tuna salad w/ various vegetable fixings and cheese
sides: pretzels and pb, apple, banana&walnuts

i wanted to make some muffins and the bananas are getting rather ripe. here's a shot of the batter in the cupcake tin (first time not putting in cupcake liners) and the finished product- banana and walnut muffins (once again substituting the shortening with apple sauce, so much healthier) the bananas were not quite ripe enough and the apple flavor still comes through. will have to play around w/ that next time.

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Sheila♥ said...

mmm those are the muffins you were telling me about...they look yummy!

OMG soo, you should def give up history all together and make your cafe...i will be the person to taste test everything [just to make sure everything is okay of course =)]