Saturday, August 11, 2012

cooking is still going strong (and i made chocolate hummus today! i want a vitamix, but that's a whole different story)
salmon cooking. oy vey. will not be doing again anytime soon. but i marinated it in a sort of take on the tamari-ginger recipe from gmfr. i didn't have quite the same ingredients so mine came out salty (note to self, apple cider vinegar is much more acidic/salty compared to rice wine vinegar). then a tomato feta and onion salad, with a mixed greens salad and quinoa cooked with garlic. yum! 
i also played with the chickpea saute from gmfr (getting a trend, haha) which i loved when i was there. i used kale instead of spinach (the frozen kale needs to go!) and i didn't have any tomatoes or lemon (i really really want some lemons in my life)

yesterday at the museum mikel paris from OAR wanted to do some acoustic recording in an old building so we closed up the car house for him. after he finished he asked what we were doing that night and that he would try to get us some tickets for his show at merriweather. and wha-la!
i took laura and we ended up about 7 rows from the mosh pit (felt very cool to go up to the will call box and say "sooyoung and guest")! first concert and got totally spoiled. they had this awesome brass section of three guys who mainly played trombone, tuba/trumpet, and saxophone/guitar. i didn't even realize how much of their music i knew, but it was def an awesome night.

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