Thursday, March 8, 2012


over this year i've been volunteering with the center for health and wellbeing as a student dietitian at school and a fellow volunteer and i put together a spread for the heath center's student magazine. it turned out pretty awesome.
check out page 9

part of our spread got put into their blog (i need to work on my own layout after looking at this one). it has some great snack ideas.

it's shaping up to be a gorgeous day today so the plan is to get outside as much as possible and soak in some vitamin D and get some physical activity in at the same time (and maybe some shopping on the side!) i need some new running shoes as i've had mine for over 2 years (suggested replacement time, around 300 miles)

i get runner's world newsletters and the most recent one had some portable/quick ideas for food (i'm not so sure about some of the snacks)

made a trip to costco and they had these microwaveable indian dishes of dal palak with basmati rice. it's a box w/ 4 packs and it cost under $8 (so much cheaper than going to indian when i have an indian fix). i'm always looking for foods to pack for school when i'm stuck there all day. it's reduced sodium and gluten free. if i eat an entire pack (which i would, b/c i would be microwaving it at school...why they have to make the serving size 1/2 of a pack is illogical. but for a whole pack it will be 12 g of fat (2 from saturated), 14% of my sodium, 16 g of dietary fiber (oh yeahhh), 16 g of protein, 12% iron and other miscellaneous vitamins and minerals. i'm hoping to try it later today, so i'll give you the scoop on how it tastes

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