Thursday, March 24, 2011

faberge cakebites!

so spring break is almost over. it's amazing how i still got up around 6 am and yet the day was too short to get everything done that i wanted! but today ended up very fun. this was completely experimental, can it be done, kind of fun. and my fingers and back are feeling it. but totally fun. i looked up faberge eggs to get some designs to create on the cakebites, but i only really managed to recreate one design. and shaping the cakebites into egg shapes was so strange and yet difficult! who knew eggs were such a funny shape.
i kept a real egg next to me while i shaped the cakebites (carrot flavor!)
 this was probably my 3rd or 4th egg i decorated. the first couple did not come out so nice. i need to work on my piping. the two side flowers were made from individual flower sprinkles, but the top flower i made by using a toothpick and shaping a flower on parchment paper then transferring it dried onto the top of the cakebite.
 this is one of my favorites! the blue flowers are so cute and it looks like a very simple daisy chain (not so clean looking because this was pre-tweezers)
i'm amazed i'm not permanently cross-eyed from sticking all the teeny tiny candy beads onto my egg. but once i figured out to use tweezers to pick the little beadies up once i dipped them in the chocolate instead of using my fingers and making a mess of things it was a bit easier. it still took about 2 hours, but look how fabergey it looks!
here are all the eggs i decorated that i find okay looking (the others got the axe- into my mom's or dad's tummy). do you like all the upside down shot glass stands:) happy early easter!


Sheila♥ said...

OMG! Amazing! They look so good!

Jess said...

They look great! I don't have patience for all of that.

Jenny said...

very cool! how long did it take to decorate one egg?

s5 said...

@ jenny, the one with the criss crossed dots and purple flowers took about 3 hours:) we should decorate eggs for easter!