Sunday, March 13, 2011

cookies like crack

now, i've never actually tried crack, but i really am addicted to these cookies- chocolate chocolate marshmallow pudding cookies. my all time favorite cookies at this point (and i've had a LOT of cookies). AND this is without the peanut butter chips. i can't imagine how many i'll inhale once i can have peanut butter again. i used some milk chocolate chips in place of the peanut butter chips. thank gosh these were going to my friend for her birthday or else they would have all ended up in my stomach!
 i baked the first couple batches on aluminum foil, terrible idea because when the marshmallows melted onto the foil it never let go. but parchment paper worked out much better.
picky palate is my new favorite blog right now. every single recipe makes me want to get in the kitchen. it's downright wrong that so many of them have peanut butter, but i'll look forward to trying them out in april!

oh, and i got to fire a musket at work today! i don't think i ever mentioned it before but i work at the b&o museum elliott city station and the reenactor taught me how to shoot his musket. even with just powder and no bullet i could feel the kickback, but it was pretty fun shooting it:)
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