Thursday, March 10, 2011

candied ginger lime cookies

wow, it's been a while since i've updated this. my bad! school is going along, chemistry is trying to bury me, but somehow a 61% gets curved to a B. it seems strange that i'm not really getting the material but our professor doesn't expect us to so he just curves it. an odd way of determining whether or not you understand the material.
anyway, this time instead of baking in place of studying i waited until after all my midterms were over and then let myself go crazy:)

making the chai cookies again (a half batch) and with the same recipe i'm ignoring the addition of chai and making a half batch of candied ginger lime cookies!

 this is my first time making candied ginger, and i'm not sure i got it right and it's taking an awful long time to cool (i think i had too much liquid left) but it was fun to try it! i ended up putting the ginger in the oven for a bit to dry out and then tossed with some sugar.

i only had one lime in the fridge so i zested the whole thing and added it and the juice of the whole lime into the cookie.

* somehow my batter for the ginger lime cookies turned out really dry and i didn't have anymore butter on hand, so i added some crisco and milk, which (i can't believe i forgot this) biscuit-cake like cookies. not terrible tasting, but not what i wanted. i wanted buttery melt in your mouth cookies. next time i'll remember what crisco and milk together do to recipes before i start adding ingredients willy-nilly. oh, and the ginger flavor didn't come out as strong as i had hoped. 

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