Friday, August 20, 2010

running pains

i've been MIA for a bit. trying to fix my laptop so the endless and random "e's" that go across my screen would stop so i did a bit of spring cleaning (which was desperately needed) and so far only one instance of "e's" dancing across my screen. i'll keep my fingers crossed.

not much in the baking front, trying to keep from baking without other people to enjoy it with me (or at least eat the stuff that's made). instead, focusing on training for the bachman half marathon in sept. i was doing really well, was even at 10 miles, but then the pool is closed for maintenance and i was running everyday so of course my body decides to die out on me. so the whole week has been a bit of limping as i try my best to destroy my body because i have nothing better to do but run. maybe it really is time to give my legs a break...

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