Wednesday, August 25, 2010

baking with friends and 20 miles on the NCRT

finally got together with some VM friends yesterday and got to baking. these are the black&white cookie's from The All-American Cookie Book by Nancy Baggett. the cookies are delicious, not too sweet and a wonderful butteriness to them (it helps that it has a stick and some butter AND shortening) the icing, at least the way we made it came out sort of interesting. the chocolate side made the cookie taste like a berger cookie (no complaints there) but the plain vanilla side was a bit odd. will have to look into adding more water so it pools on the cookie instead of having to be spread. but really, these are delicious cookies. i also love baking time consuming recipes with friends b/c everything gets split up and you get to spend some time together. now, since i have a huge bottle of corn syrup left, any takers on making more with me:)
today, after eating one too many b&w's i made my way to the Northern Central Railroad Trail which runs north through MD and into PA (i think eventually ending in York, PA). the first 10 miles are flat and lovely and the weather was perfect. the woman at monkton told me there was a lovely waterfall at mile 12 but by the time i reached mile 10 i knew my feet wouldn't like an extra four miles tacked onto a 20 mile walk. i wish i had my bike b/c i would have loved to go further up. there's some great history along the way and at mile 8 is the monkton station? and there's a sandwich and snowball place and real bathrooms. there's not a single trashcan though, which i found a bit odd

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gracee said...

ahh! i would have loved to go with you on wednesday :) 20miles is quite a walk!