Wednesday, August 4, 2010

quinoa and unemployment

it's funny that such different topics ended up together as my title, one is a food (a complete protein at that) and well the other...i think everyone has a pretty good idea of what the other one means.

but that is where i am, unemployed, and with time on my hands it was finally time to get down and cook some quinoa. which is very very easy, it was just everything else with it that became time consuming (which is why i would only do this unemployed and yes, that means i am not quite so creative about eating nutritiously when i'm employed.

yesterday was my last day as a Volunteer Coordinator for AmeriCorps/Volunteer Maryland. the last 10 months were such an experience, learning about volunteerism, about my organization and about myself. i'm still driven to volunteer and i'm thinking about getting into community health once i get this dietetics degree under my belt. which brings me back to food (doesn't it always come back to food?)

this reminds me of 101cookbooks quinoa recipe. which looks divine. mine includes baked autumn squash (this is a real time consumer to peel the outside, chop and bake), black beans (how come i can't cook these suckers right?), toasted pine nuts (yum!), sauteed green pepper and of course, quinoa. delicious and nutritious. at least i have tons of leftover cooked ingredients so at least i can eat these for the next couple days without having to do any cooking. thank gosh for the small things. happy eating!

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gracee said...

congrats on finishing americorps! :)