Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fresco Cafe and Bangkok Delight

trying out different food places in hoco before the sister leaves the state.

we made a pit stop to fresco cafe (off of north ridge rd) which opened a month ago. the owners are very friendly and they have breakfast, lunch and lots of drink choices. the tall for the drinks were very large.

bangkok delight was the first choice for thai based on reviews. asian umbrellas decorate the ceiling of the loft esque restaurant. service is great and the food is good. the mango cheesecake was citrusy, very creamy, but also a little confusing on the taste. we shared a green curry (just in case u like spicy food, their "hot" is an asian person's medium) the vegetables were very fresh

happy eating

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lucee said...

miss you! i've almost forgotten what hoco is like in the summers