Sunday, August 30, 2009

oreo truffle poo

had some fun tryin out bakerella's oreo truffle recipe. while trying to form the balls i was ending up w/ really creamy poo and didn't realize until the next day that i had read 18 oz of cream cheese instead of 1 8 oz of cream cheese. i was wondering why i couldn't find an 18 oz at the grocery store. but anyway, freezing the little suckers before coating them in white chocolate helped to get them firmed up, but i still need to work on the melting of the candy melts. but the ugly babies were a lot of fun to decorate.

the pretty selection of outer coating- cocoa powder, sprinkles! and nuts

hahha, frozen oreo truffles, plus overly hot melted white chocolate was a very bad combination

tada! misshapen creamy cuties

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Sheila♥ said...

I vote that we make this when we eventually have our cooking day!

btw, <3 the name LOL