Thursday, February 12, 2009

snot and germs

today i went to my 2nd preschool. joy oh joy. and no, i did not expect to be thrown into little ppl school and watch all their snot and faces get cleaned w/ the same towel. ugh. and no i do not plan to find love here. (unless u want me to do some serious cradle robbing since that is the only age group i am around)

all the older kids are taking exams right now, so i don't get to work w/ them for awhile. so i just stare at the preschoolers as they babble hindi to me (i don't even know how to say "i don't understand" in hindi to them) although i have this strange urge every time to say "no se" or any other spanish i know

haven't got sick of indian food yet. greasy parathas w/ yummy veggies. potatoes are still just as tasty. although the coordinator says a lot of volunteers get sick in the summer b/c of the combination of the food and heat. joy. limited fruit choices since eating anything that cannot be peeled would prolly equal death but have been eating nice oranges (for 1 kg it's Rs. 35-40)

momos and western cake are apparently a standard combination. really weird. the cake is not so good. interesting pineapple icing w/ funky cake.

they also have "american corn" which is corn in a cup w/ spices, and a lot of popcorn everywhere.


Sheila♥ said...

aww soo =(

make the most out of it girly! try to have fun!!!

Mimi said...

so much "joy" in that entry. somehow i feel like you don't mean it... >_>

what are momos?

happy v-day ~ love from across the oceans. ^_^

i second sheila ~ i believe you can make the most out of this!

natalie said...

I agree....I don't feel the happiness. You should be happy that they can't communicate with you at least...

And by all means, take that towel and wash it! Or at least tell them its fine if they use their own....that's a great way to share germs.

And who said that one day soon someone your age will walk through your door (or in your case the outdoors) and fall in love with you...never say never...unless it's cradle robbing!