Thursday, February 5, 2009


omg. the two other girls and i are in gurgaon, which is a satellite city 25 km south of the center of delhi. which is quite nice b/c not as much pollution or noise pollution as delhi. i'm quite happy to be going to the countryside soon as delhi is not my cup of tea.

likes and dislikes:
chai, no delhi belly, humayun's tomb (the idea behind the taj mahal), cheaper stuff (four 12.5l bottles of water are about a dollar), learning hindi (i'm back at school!), my new salwar kameez
air pollution, noise pollution, cow manure, waking up so early for some reason, cold showers, the fawning that occurred when we ended up at a ritzy bazaar that our private taxi dropped us off at (at least i might be able to blend in better), going to tourist sites and getting surrounded by the school children asking our names and where we are from (i mean hundreds of them!)

oooh, walked past a group of korean students actually speaking in korean. so interesting.

going into delhi again tomorrow, then more language lessons, taj mahal on sunday and village on monday!

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