Thursday, February 28, 2013

sunny days, keeping the clouds away

ever wake up the on the right side of the bed and go for a run and want to eat carrots for breakfast? finally having one of those days :) hello sun! hello warmth (it's calling for a high of almost 50 today, i feel spring coming)! 

it's a shorter work day today (just the museum) so i got up and went to the grocery store. have i mentioned how much i love the grocery store when it's just me and the morning employees restocking shelves? it's like a whole store for me. so grabbed 4 lbs of baby carrots (they were on sale), a huge bag of kale, yogurt and soy milk (silk now makes an organic unsweetened soymilk which only has 1 g of sugar. it does have 4 g of fat but my diet is usually pretty low in that so i'd rather have it richer than sweeter). 

Carrot, Banana, Kale Smoothie (for 1)
1/2 c soymilk
1 heaping spoonful Greek yogurt
1 small handful kale
7-8 baby carrots
1 small banana

Blend it up! I think if you chop up the banana and freeze it first, the smoothie will taste much creamier. 

For those that buy the extra large bag of kale (like me) i just pop the whole bag into the freezer (last time it may have taken me two years to finish the bag...but this time i'm hoping to cut that time to one year:) 

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