Saturday, January 26, 2013

port jervis, ny

if you've never heard of port jervis, it's ok, neither had i until i ended up there. it's about 90 miles outside of nyc and the intersection of ny, nj, and pa. it's a cute little town (population under 10,000) and i think budget travel named it one of the best small towns in 2008. i'm not sure if they were talking about the winter time :)

 but the town was cute, all 2.5 square miles of it (even w/ my bad directional sense we had the town memorized by day 1). in about 5 min you can end up in any of the 3 states and the only way i could tell which state i was in was if i was in jersey and i 1) couldn't buy beer at the gas station, and 2) they pumped my gas for me.

saturday night we went to the grill in matmaros, pa. it was disco night or something. i think the entire drinking age of that town was there that night but it was fun to people watch (the fog machine i could have lived w/o though). and it was only about 7 minutes max from port jervis. 
tri-state monument: impossible to find, no tourist signs direct you to it and you have to drive through a cemetery to see it. 

we ate lunch at the erie hotel restaurant, we were craving mexican but that wasn't happening. the building has been fully restored but still looks pretty cool. the food was so-so. tried my first mexican coffee, i'm not sure how i felt about it.

getting beer was kind of hilarious sunday night before the ravens vs patriots game (i won't rub it in too much, but ravens kicked ass!). we found out to the left of our hotel was nj so none of the gas stations sold beer and the liquor stores were closed so we were directed to ny where we circled quite a bit until we found a little convenience store.

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