Tuesday, July 13, 2010

studying for orgo means...baking like sandra lee

orgo exam on thursday. and that means i'm feeling stressed and would rather bake than study...but with work and classes, no-bake is as good as it's going to get. which is pretty darn good, if you ask me:) this is about as easy as dessert can ever get. store bought graham crust, half vanilla and half banana cream instant pudding (i never knew it only took 5 minutes for the stuff to mold! it's amazing i say!) and slices of banana. of course some whipped cream on top just to make it that much more fun:) the top right picture is a banana, blueberry, whipped cream and vanilla pudding parfait. that ended up being part of my dinner. which is terrible for me to admit since i want to be a nutritionist, but every once in awhile, whose to say pudding parfait can't be dinner? besides, i have to swim 1400 yards tomorrow.

the only thing that made me sad about the pie was i couldn't get a nice slice out. the crust just crumbled and the pudding was moving too much. maybe i needed to decrease the milk amount and fold in cool whip instead? oh, and i love picasa 3. i didn't realize i had the older version but this mosaic stuff is so fun! i'll have to learn more about editing pictures which is also a great way to procrastinate.

of course life isn't always about dessert (just always first!). there was a huge autumn squash in M's garden so i baked it with some olive oil, salt and pepper (delish!) and tasted like mashed potatoes. took that and scrambled it with egg and fresh green beans. very filling and nutritious and kept me full for a long time. too bad all the squash is gone now though...

happy tuesday almost sort wednesday! and happy no-baking (which is also good for hot, muggy summer days) i'm thinking about potato chip cookies after my exam this thursday:)

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gracee said...

potato chip cookies?! hehe i saw a recipe last week for avocado fries hehe fried veggie butter yay!

your food always looks so yummy and healthful :)