Sunday, April 11, 2010

i cant' believe it's butter

i am embracing butter. loving it, creaming it, smushing it...
maybe i should back track. after a day at work and then studying for a chem exam, i wanted nothing more than to bake. and not the "healthy" baking that doesn't quite taste the same, but real sugar and real butter kind of baking. the only reason i need to re-embrace butter- "chocolate pooh cookies" so cute, but so wrong in taste

so i went back to the first cookbook my sister and i ever got- nestle cookies. and even went to the beloved chocolate chip cookie recipe. and let me tell you, i went from no butter to a whole cup! did i also mention that it's almost midnight? maybe it's something about a silent house and a whole kitchen to myself that makes it okay to let loose (albeit, in a very quiet, try not to wake anyone up kind of way). since it's dark outside, it seems even my usual photo composition became more of a look into the kitchen. welcome, make yourself at home:)since it's late and i have some sort of realistic thinking to life that maybe trying to bake 5 dozen cookies at midnight when i have work and an exam tomorrow isn't such a grand idea, i'm trying the "chill overnight so the egg yolk can work its magic" technique. too bad i can't remember what the cookies tasted like pre-chilling. but they're enjoying their time in the fridge. come back tomorrow for some fresh baked cookies!

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Anonymous said...

oh my god... so that's why you aren't the first today!