Saturday, March 27, 2010

if you've had too much pb&j

the problem with having to pack a lunch is that it invariably requires some amount of planning- is there bread to make a sandwich? how much of the pb is really left after i took a spoon to it last night, and so forth. and there's the fact that you can't eat pb&j sandwiches everyday (or i could try, but then there would be a pb shortage...) so these are some efforts on my part to incorporate some vegetables and non-pb&j sandwiches into my life.the red peppers in this picture look like giants taking over the meal! i add a spoonful of pesto, freeze this whole thing and then the day i want to eat this for lunch just zap it in the microwave and the spinach gets cooked.i bought some hot curry powder from a middle eastern market the other day hoping it would taste like indian curry. it didn't. however, it tastes like the yellow curry used by koreans. it's just some onion sauteed with the curry powder, then potatoes and any vegetables that were hanging around in the freezer. you can see that i couldn't wait for the food to cool before snapping a picture!

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