Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the kitchenless diet

we are now into week 3 of the kitchen renovations aka the pb&j and anything else carb diet. it's amazing what cannot be accomplished without a kitchen. this so called kitchenless diet has resulted in a long list of places and foods i would like to eat on a neverending budget:
- tutti frutti
- lasagna
- i want to try making muir glen's smoky mac 'n cheese recipe
- veg chili
- dessert of some sort
- a vegetable in general

maybe i'll grab some fro-yo on my way home tomorrow. in exercise news- walked along the trolley path that goes from old ec into catonsville. it's a very nice walk although it's strange with the nice looking houses along the path. it would seem a little frightening to live out there at night.

there's going to be a hope for haiti now special on tv on friday night at 8pm. seeing all the stuff in the news it would be nice to go down there and help rebuild and do what needs to be done. anyone been down there since the earthquake?

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Mimi said...

muir glen is general mills!! woohoo