Friday, April 4, 2008

this so called training... is an awesome website. u can track how much you ran or you can type in a city/zip code and they will give you runs and how far you went. according to the website, from umcp to cherry hill rd along the paint branch trail it is 5.83 miles, the run to lake artemisia (i couldn't find one that was exactly wat i run) is about 3.75 miles.

so in my quest to finally train for my may 4th marathon, i decided to run to ikea, then around the lake then back to ikea (fyi, i thought i was going to die) which came out to a nice 15 mile i'm a little more than halfway there (minus the killer hills that frederick will apparently hand out) gag and die

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Mimi said...

omg that's a lot of running O_O

go you!